Paper Purse Bag

Learn how to make a super cute paper purse using your Cricut machine, hot glue, and card stock paper!

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Today we are going to make this super cute paper purse! This is perfect for little ones to play with, or you can use them as gift bags.

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✂️What You’ll Need:

Supplies & Materials

This is exactly what I used, but feel free to switch up the project and shop your craft room before going out and buying supplies.

  • Cardstock of your choice
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks
  • Buttons – optional but makes a nice embellishment

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How to Make a Paper Purse Using a Cricut

Twelve by twelve square in design space with score lines.

Insert a square.

You’ll need one piece of scrapbook paper for the main purse and then an extra sheet or two of scraps for the handles.

Insert a square and add score lines.

Make a 12×12 square in Design Space. You are going to add several score lines at specific increments. You will need four vertical score lines at .50″, 4.25″, 7.5″, and 11.5″.

Duplicate one of the score lines and rotate it 90 degrees. You will need two horizontal score lines at 3.75″ and 8.14″. Once you have one line you can copy it and move it over to the correct ruler marking.

Select everything and attach it, you will need to shrink the whole thing so it fits within the 11 1/2″ area. Make sure you shrink down your score lines as well so it fits on your cutting mat.

Rectangles and scallops added to design space.

Make the straps.

Now you will make rectangular strips for the handles which will be about .5″x 11″ rectangles. Duplicate this so you have two strips.

You will now need to add the scallops and shrink them down to 11″. You can choose to use a different type of paper or use the same paper as you did for the rectangles.

Then insert a 3×5 pink square if you want to use the flap.

Load paper into machine.

Pro Tip: Use High Quality Paper.

It is important that you use a high quality double sided scrap book paper. It does not have to be double sided but it looks nicer if it is.

Cut the purse from the paper.

Send it to your cutting machine. Load your paper into your cutting machine. Depending on the pattern on your paper that you choose, be careful which way you load your paper.

For example if you choose a striped paper, you’ll want to make sure your stripes are running vertically.

Fold paper on score lines.

Fold on the score lines.

After your paper is all cut, peel it away from your cutting mat. Fold all of the score lines. The most important thing is you have your half inch score line at the top and the bottom facing you. So when you cut a few strips to form the box you have it in the correct layout.

Cutting sections at the top and bottom of cardstock.

Cut slits.

Cut the two little sections at the top and the bottom, just to the score lines in the center. As long as you have your half inch score lines at the top and the bottom facing you,those are the lines you will cut. I did not fold on those score lines.

Glue edges together.

Hot glue the sides.

Now that you have it cut, you will take the edges and glue them together. This is what it should look like after you have glued both sides.

Fold top half inch over.

Now you can fold over the top of the box with the half inch. It is a little taller than the top of the box so be careful when you are lining it up. The front and the back are a tiny bit taller than the sides which is what you want.

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Add scallops to the bottom of the purse.

Gently fold it to get the purse shape you are looking for. Glue the two scallop strips together. Then you can add this to the bottom of the purse. You can use liquid glue, scrapbooking tape, or hot glue.

Glue down all of the sides and wrap it around and fold well on the corners. You will have some excess left over. You can add them to the side panels if you would like.

Add scallops to the side panel.

If you do not have enough to add to the side panels, you will need to cut another scallop piece. It take four little sections of the scallop paper to fit on the edge of the bag.

Add handles to the bag.

Attach the purse straps.

Now you will take your 11″ pieces which I cut down to 9″, depending on how long you want your handles. Then wrap it around your finger to give it a little bit of a curl. Hot glue one side and fold it over so it is all facing the same color pink to the front and glue it on the same side of the bag just a little bit over. Just make sure they are even.

Add button embelishments to the bag.

Finally you will add your embelishments. I chose not to use the pink flap that I printed earlier. Take some buttons and bakers twine and thread it through the buttons, cut them apart, and tie a knot and hot glue to the handles. Feel free to accessorize however you would like!

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