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How to Manage Your Club Membership?

If you are a club member and need to update your card, please go here. Once you enter the email address you signed up with, you can follow the on screen instructions.

**New club members who joined after October 2022, log into your account. Once you are in the library, there is a button at the top to manage your information.

How to Manage Your Crafter’s Collective Subscription Box?

**CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT** Even if you are already receiving a subscription box from us does not mean you created an account. If you click forgot password and are not receiving any emails or further instructions, that means you need to create an account first.


  1. Go to:
  2. Click Create Account
  3. The instructions on the screen will walk you through how to do this.

Here is a video tutorial that will walk you through all of the steps.

How to Manage Your Printable Club Membership?

This is our newest club and differs from the PCCC Club and subscription boxes.

At the top of your library, click the button that says Manage Billing or See past invoices. You can log into your library here to follow instructions below.

You will receive an email that will instruct you to click on a link. 

Choose Subscriptions.

To update your card click update card info.

To cancel your membership, click view then cancel subscription. 

How Do I Access My Classes and Workshops?

Anytime you purchase a workshop, membership, or class from us, you will receive an automated message from [email protected], similar to the one below.

If you are a first time purchaser, you will need to register your account first (click the button in the email and follow those instructions). For those who have purchased from us before, simply, log in to view your library.

Do All of the DIY Kits Have Files and Lessons?

Not all of them. When you purchase a DIY kit from us, in the description, it will tell you if files and lessons are included. There will be a link at the very bottom to watch the pre-recorded video and if there are files to accompany the project, they will be emailed to you automatically once you purchase.